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FAQs for Money Management from Quicken Technical Support

Quicken is a veteran personal finance management software that has hogged the limelight due to its resourcefulness and accuracy in accounting. Quicken is also the most popularly used tool for managing income and preparing for taxation in the US.

Being as convenient as it is, there are still certain issues that keep popping up with Quicken. Our Quicken Technical Support answers tons of questions on Quicken’s usage and we’d like to inform you of the most common ones in this blog post.

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Has Quicken shifted to the subscription-based billing?

Quicken has shifted to the subscription billing in their latest 2018 product release. As the website states, the new billing model will end the need to update the software repeatedly and the latest features will be pushed automatically, bringing more cohesiveness to the whole experience.

When my subscription period expires, where will my Data go?

All your personal and financial data is saved on Quicken account and you’d have full rights to access the data after your subscription ends.

The functionalities of the software would however stop and no new data would be added to the account but all existing transactions will be available to you for use.  

How does Quicken help in money saving?

Quicken uses a number of techniques in order to help you save money as reported by our Quicken Technical Support team. There are certain features that are primarily impressive as listed below.

Data Charts – Quicken shows a range of data sets that help you summarize your spending in an accurate way and convert them into savings.

Budget Counseling – There are a number of budgeting features in the software that help you achieve money saving goals by actively understanding your budget.

Tax Calculation – Quicken also allows saving and viewing tax reports in its online section where you can manage how you pay taxes.

Payment Tracking – The software allows synching with several online banking, wallet and other payment services that can be used to track your payment history.

How can I avail a trial for Quicken?

A number of customers ask about Quicken trial version but as confirmed by our Quicken Technical Support, there are no free trials available for the software.

You can, however, use money-back guarantee to your advantage and get a refund in case you don’t like the software. This is a nice alternative to check out the product and see if it delivers on the claims it makes.

Which subscription plan would suit someone with basic needs?

In our experience, the Starter plan provides everything someone would need to manage their money, but the Deluxe plan is a greater value for money in regards to the features you get.

Quicken’s true potential comes out only with the Deluxe plan and you get what you paid for. You can try other plans as well and see how it goes for you as there is a money back guarantee and there is no harm in trying the product.

Finding it difficult to use Quicken?

If you’re facing technical challenges in understanding all the finances and using the software, you can get instant assistance by calling our Quicken Technical Support Number.

We provide round the clock assistance to Quicken customers with our product experts and practicing accountants.

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