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How to configure your Netgear router from Netgear Router Tech Support?

Just bought your Netgear router and ready to set it up? This guide will teach you the basics of setting up your router and it follows the recommendations by Netgear router tech support.

First of all, you have to unpack your router and keep all the distinct parts separately. You will have the following in the box;

  • Netgear Router Device
  • Ethernet Cable
  • Power Adapter
  • Quickstart User Manual

Once you find all these things, we’re ready to move on.

Netgear Router Support

Steps to Setup your Netgear Router

  • First of all, you have to power off your modem device. It’s the device that brings on the internet to your house. (For instance, the Xfinity modem)

Make sure you do that with your Netgear Router as Well

  • Then you have to connect the Ethernet cable that you received in the box to the Netgear router and your modem. The connections would go into the ports labeled as RJ-45 or “Ethernet.” There would be one at the backside of your modem as well as your Netgear router.
  • Then you’ll need another Ethernet cable that you will connect between your computer and your Netgear router.

You will need an additional Ethernet cable for this that you can get from any of the nearest General Purpose stores.

The ports for connection on your Laptop would be at the sides, and on your Desktop, would be at the backside of the CPU box.

  • Now, you have to power on the modem that you previously powered off. Wait until all the lights on the modem are lit up or are blinking. You will notice a new light come up, which would state that the router is connected.
  • Next step would be to connect the power adapter of the router to the wall mains and wait for all the lights on the router to power on.

Computer Setup from Netgear Router Tech Support

So, we have setup all the basic connections required for the setup. It’s time to set your computer up for the internet.

  • Open a web browser, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox etc and enter the following web address.

  • You will be prompted to a web page that will ask you to fill in login details. This is your router setup web page and you can use the following login details to login for the first time ever.
  • Username – admin
  • Password – password
  • Once you’re logged in, you will be able to make all the important settings such as giving an SSID name to your router, set up new login details and register your router for use in your home network.

You just have to follow on-screen instructions.

Troubleshooting the Router

In case, the router doesn’t work after following the above-mentioned steps, you can check the following things for clarity.

  • Check if all the cable connections are tight.
  • Check if the modem is properly powered on.
  • Sometimes the setup takes a while, so hold on for a few minutes.
  • Check if the internet is actually working without the router on.

Ask for Help

If the router still won’t work, you can ask for help from our Netgear router support. We’re diligently dedicated towards getting the setup right and resolving all kinds of problems that you might face with the router.

Pick up the phone and land us a call on the given Netgear router technical support number.

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