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How to setup Roku Player using Roku.com/link?


Roku player requires any help when it comes to setup. You can easily understand how to setup Roku Player using Roku.com/link by following some easy steps. The Roku device requires an HDMI connection along with recommended Wi-Fi settings to secure a connection and watch all your desired entertainment on your TV. While generally, Roku models are well-matched with a smart TV, but there are others like the Roku Express that allows connectivity with older TVs that use complex cables.

Fast Internet connection

Whenever you install your Roku Player with Roku.com/link, ensure that you have a strong wireless signal connection to setup Roku using Roku.com/link.

Internet Speed

You should have fast internet speed in order to get better video quality and you should have a minimum of 3.0 Mbps for HD content and 1.5 Mbps for standard content for the best viewing results.

Proper Router care

Always keep the router firmware of your router up to date as it will help to improve streaming performance. For regular updates keep checking on the device manufacturer website.

Roku Player Positioning in Home

You should keep the Roku Player in the best area of your home as it will help your router to locate the areas in your pad with the strongest signal strength.

Internet Service Provider

The last thing you must have a good Internet Service Provider and keep a check on how to setup Roku with performance-based ISPs.

Roku com Link account

Steps to setting up the Roku player

Below are some easy steps to setup Roku player with Roku com link code:

Firstly before starting you should make sure that type of connection that your TV has, whether it’s’ a composite connector or HDMI.

Secondly, to have both audio and video from the player to the TV, an only HDMI is sufficient.

Thirdly, all Roku models require network setup, so you should collect your password for the SSID.

Identify the HDMI-IN port of the TV and insert the extender/cable/streaming stick into it. If you are using a streaming stick, you just have to power on the device and start the Roku setup immediately.

Fourthly, now you need to identify the HDMI-IN port of the TV and insert the extender/cable/streaming stick into it else if you are using streaming stick then you need to power on the device and start the Roku setup directly.

Lastly, simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen of your TV.

To know more about how to setup Roku Player using Roku.com/link or how to activate Roku.com/Link account, visit our website or get in touch with our technical experts @ +1- 888-988-1887 for detailed information.

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