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Resolving Issues with Brother Printer Technical Support

Brother Printer Support Number

Brother is a popular brand for electronic devices, especially printers that offer low-cost printing and a horde of technical advancements. You will find brother printers in commercial printing shops and a lot of high-tech offices that operate over the Wi-Fi.

Most of the brother printing series are quite popular in the Asian and Canadian markets. Although there is a lot of community support from Brother for their printers, they have a notorious habit of getting stuck.

Brother Printer Technical Support

In this troubleshooting guide, our Brother Printer Technical Support Number will help you resolve common printer issues in no time!

  • Printer Refuses to Print

 If the printer is online and you can see the signaling LED lights working all fine, but the printer won’t print, you can use the following points to fix it.

Check the connection of the printer to your computer. If it’s wireless network connection, you can either reset the connection or use a USB cable to send the printing commands.

You can check the type of printer selected at the Prepare for a print pop-up box. Sometimes, a virtual printer is selected as default and your actual printer isn’t receiving any commands.

Many a time, the printer simply won’t respond to the print requests, and you can safely assume that it’s a driver issue. You can go to Brother’s website and download new drivers for your printer anytime.

  • Cartridge Issues

It’s usually hard to tell if the printer cartridge has actually run out or not. You can check the cartridge with the print quality. If colors start fading and the printer stops working, you can stop assuming that the cartridges are running out.

In the case of laser printers, our Brother Printer Technical Support suggests that you shake the ink container a bit in case the printer gives low ink warning. This will allow unused toner ink to be utilized before it completely goes out.

  • Paper gets stuck in the Printer Often

If you’re facing paper jam issues where a paper gets stuck in the printer often, you need to check the internal parts.

Open the printer and use torchlight to look into the printer and see if you can find anything wrong over there. Usually, a smaller bit of paper gets stuck inside the printer and causes the printer to jam.

  • Poor Print Quality

Distorted prints or wrong colors in the prints can be a symptom of dirty print heads. When the nozzles from where the printer sprays ink onto the paper get blocked, the prints start losing their quality.

This can be easily fixed by cleaning the nozzles and you can do it at your home too. Handle the printer’s innards carefully while doing so.

It’s advisable that you use isopropyl alcohol when cleaning the drum. Using a soft cloth will help in getting rid of any kind of magnetic dirt stuck on to the printer.

  • Print Ratio Issues

If you’re trying to print web pages or documents without setting them right in print preview, you’ll get out of proportion prints that you won’t like.

 For Web Pages, always use Print screen key to first take a screen capture of the web page and then set it right in an editing tool.

For documents, use the Print Preview button to check that how would the print look like. You can set these things right in the Prepare for Print dialogue box.  

Problem Still Persists

If the problem still persists, you can contact our Brother Printer Support Phone Number that will help you get Brother Printer running again. Our trained technicians will help you save time on fixing the printer on the call, without having to get it repaired.

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