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Roku is an internet enabled video streaming device that lets you watch your favorite entertainment content from Netflix, HBO, Hulu, and other online streaming providers right on your TV. Roku.com/Link works on the internet and doesn’t need you to install cable TV connection for watching TV.

Why Choose Roku?

It is one of the most popular, easy to watch and multi-channel streaming device in the market. The Roku market has grown significantly over the years and a number of Roku devices have entered the market. You can choose them according to your preference with options for both paid and free content.

It syncs with your home or office WiFi allowing you to enjoy your favorite content at no extra cost of cable TV. You also get to enjoy everything on the big screen as opposed to your laptop or smartphone.

What issues are faced by Roku Customers?

While watching content on Roku is a walk in the park, setting it up can be troublesome. If you’re new to Roku, you may face issues with Roku com Link activation code.

Just like other internet streaming providers, Roku needs online registration and a code based Roku activation link. The link is given to you when you have your free account ready and Roku device is set up on your TV.

What is Roku Device Link Code?

You can gain full access to various TV channels and online streaming services provided by Roku. Remember that Roku device link code is the same as the code we just mentioned.

Once you have the Roku Activation Link, you can activate your Roku device by creating an online account at Roku.com/link. Then enter Roku.com/link code to your account and watch channels free of worries. From here you can manage pretty much everything about your Roku. It can be subscriptions and playlists or anything you like.

Why we are the Best Roku Support!

We are highly experienced and the most trusted  Roku support in the USA. Our technical experts provide support for creating Roku.com/link account with full guidance and easy steps to activate your Roku account. Our Roku technical support team, which helps you with Roku device activation code and other Roku issues you may be facing such as Wi-Fi connection error, not able to add channels etc. Even if you have an issue that you can’t find on the internet, we can fix that for you with our excellent product knowledge.

We provide instant technical support for issues like Handling channel issues on Roku, Roku Streaming stick installation, Roku Troubleshooting procedures, Roku com Link account activation, Roku Setting up the process, Roku Streaming Stick installation, Roku com link not working, Roku com/link no credit card, Roku com/link code issues and more.

Our expert servicemen have been trained on all Roku devices such as Roku Express, Roku Ultra and more. We don’t want your online entertainment to stop, hence, we offer a lightning fast resolution to all your technical worries regarding the device.

Roku Services Offered by Us!

Roku Setup Support

Finding it difficult to get your Roku online for the first time? We got your back! We provide comprehensive Roku support for getting your Roku online with easy steps. If you face issues with Roku activation code, we further assist you with advanced issues faced by customers. Therefore, your Roku setup issues will no longer exist after you call us for assistance.

Roku Activation Link Support

We provide 100% Roku support for getting your Roku device to serve all your favorite channels. Roku Activation Link is something that you can’t do without as it;

  • Helps to activate your Roku device
  • Register yourself for the Roku Account

We will guide you through the whole process with certainty. We have a number of trained troubleshooters to get your device online and working for you.

Roku Technical Issue Support

At times, Roku comes up with technical issues that are beyond the reach of Roku customers. These could be anything like;

  • Roku Activation Link Issues
  • Roku Media Player Issues
  • Roku Content Library Issues
  • Netflix freezing on Roku TV
  • Netflix running slow on Roku TV
  • Roku com/link code Issues
  • Roku problem connecting to wifi
  • Roku Remote Control issues
  • Roku TV not Showing Channels
  • Roku Internet Connection issues
  • Roku 2 internet connection issues
  • Roku 3 internet connection problems

You’ll be surprised to know that we handle all kinds of technical issues for Roku. Our technical support team is well versed with all kinds of minor to major technicalities of using Roku.

Roku Device Support

Roku Device Support

We have Roku coverage for all Roku devices such as listed below.

Roku Ultra Box

Roku Box provides an unmatched TV experience in the shape of an STB styled box. It can handle a higher bandwidth of HD content streamed from Roku to your TV and comes with a fully functional remote control. It also supports faster WiFi connections and 4K TVs.

Roku Express

Roku Express is the best budget deal for new customers who want to try Roku’s power. It is a little plug and play device that connects your TV and streams online content directly to it. The Express device also comes with a remote controller and needs an external power supply.

Roku Streaming Stick+

The streaming stick is the handiest option in the form of a portable USB styled stick that is easy to carry around. You can plug it directly into the HDMI port of your TV to start streaming content. Despite being small, it offers all the features you get on bigger devices.

 Technical Support for Roku Issues:

  • Roku Stuck on Activation screen
  • Roku.com/link not working.
  • Roku Error Code [Roku error code 001, 002, 003, 004, 011, 013, 014, etc].
  • Problems with Roku.com/link create an account
  • Purple screen when using Roku Stick
  • Roku.com/link or Roku Activation Code issues
  • Activate Roku account without the credit card
  • HDCP unauthorized content Roku Stick
  • Roku Stick not connecting to the Wifi
  • Roku remote not working with Streaming stick
  • Tcl Roku wifi tv setup without remote
  • My Roku home screen is frozen
  • Roku Player Account Setup Issues
  • How to Connect Roku to a TV without Wifi
  • Roku streaming stick setup problems
  • Roku streaming stick not showing up on tv

Channels Issues on Roku

  • Hulu not working on Roku Player
  • Amazon Prime not working on Roku
  • CBS Sports not working on Roku TV
  • PBS app not working on Roku
  • Starz not working on Roku
  • Espn Live not working on Roku
  • Youtube not working on Roku Stick
  • Sling not working on Roku TV
  • NFL network app not working on Roku
  • HBO Go not working on Roku TV
  • Showtime anytime not working on Roku

Common Roku.com/Link Error Codes

A Roku Error code appears while streaming when you have a terrible internet connection. Below are some few of the Roku error codes that you may encounter during setting up your Roku device through Roku.com/link.

Roku error code 014: This error code denotes the network connection errors and you can resolve it by checking the network credentials.

Roku error code 009:  This error occurs when the device is connected you will not get the network access. Restart your streaming device, modem and verify the network settings.

Roku error code 001: This error gives an indication that your Roku device is not connected to the network.

Roku error code 003: This is the most common Roku error code and you can resolve it by updating the device software or by checking the status of the internet connection.

Why We Are Different

Roku Tech Support

We provide instant Roku support for all your Roku players and streaming sticks with complete solutions that are quick and satisfactory. Our technical experts are available to provide the best solutions and services for all your technical query or problems you be facing with your Roku Streaming device.

Contact Roku Customer Support Number

When we are available around the clock, then there is no need to contact any other Roku Customer Support Number. Just get in touch with our technical support team to get the most appropriate solutions along with complete information for the upcoming enhanced functionality of the Roku device.

Get the complete guidance by our technical support team by calling at our toll-free Roku Customer Support Number. We offer the best support to all our customers for Roku.com/link activation, Roku activation code issue, Roku.com/link not working, Roku.com/link no credit card or any issue you may be facing with Roku device.