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Nvidia Shield is your all-in-one solution for playing games, streaming high-quality content and use all the latest Android TV features on your Television with a small adapter box.

It has been designed to bring together the best of entertainment to your home by cumulating popular entertainment sources. You can watch TV online, play games, listen to podcasts, use Android applications and a lot more with Nvidia Shield. The hardware has been designed to accelerate performance and make the experience even more lively with Nvidia’s graphics processing capabilities.

We specialize Nvidia Shield Customer Service department is here to take care of all your Nvidia Shield Issues with due diligence.

Nvidia Shield Specs

  • Android Smart TV Support
  • GeForce NOW Support
  • Watch TV Shows and Movies
  • Access Streaming services such as Netflix
  • Nvidia’s Tegra range of Processors
  • Micro SD card slot with 16 GB on-device storage
  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution Streaming
  • Cast support for Android, Chrome OS, iOS, Mac OS.

Nvidia Shield Tech Support for Common Issues

Nvidia Shield has a lot of reported issues that sometimes put users in trauma. We have listed the most common ones that Nvidia Shield customer support number gets.

  • Nvidia Shield Controller Issues
  • Nvidia Shield Updater Issues
  • Nvidia Shield Wifi Issues
  • Nvidia Shield GeForce Sync Issues
  • Nvidia Shield sound issues
  • Nvidia Shield Screen Resolution Issues
  • Nvidia Shield Connection Issues
  • Nvidia Shield k1 wifi issues
  • Nvidia Shield tv wifi issues
  • Nvidia Shield Content Buffering Issues
  • Nvidia Experience 7.1 Issues
  • Nvidia Shield charging issues
  • Nvidia Shield tablet charging issues
  • Nvidia Shield not showing on network
  • Nvidia Shield not connecting to the internet
  • Nvidia Shield not reading the USB drive
  • Nvidia Shield not working after update
  • Nvidia Shield not powering on
  • Nvidia Shield remote not working
  • Nvidia Shield hdr not working
  • Nvidia Shield cast not working
  • Nvidia Shield chromecast not working
  • Nvidia Shield ethernet not working
  • Nvidia Shield game stream not working
  • Nvidia Shield not connecting to wifi
  • Nvidia Shield not connecting to pc
  • Nvidia Shield not connecting to tv
  • Nvidia Shield tv not connecting to wifi
  • Nvidia Shield screen not working
  • Nvidia Shield portable screen not working
  • Nvidia Shield portable touch screen not working
  • Nvidia Shield screen flashing issue

Nvidia Shield Troubleshooting Guide from Nvidia Shield Technical Support team

Shield Remote Controller Issues

In order to add a new accessory to the Nvidia Shield, you can go to SHIELD Accessories > Active Controller and the controller over there.

If the Controller doesn’t work as expected, you can go to SHIELD Accessories and click on “Forget All Accessories”. This will clear all your pre-saved accessories and you can add a new one easily.

Shield Audio and Video Issues Check for the screen audio settings. Some screens such as PC monitors don’t have speakers installed in them.

Check for volume settings on your TV, Android Volume and Shield TV separately. There’s a chance of either of these being muted.

Check for HDMI adapter, if it’s connected properly in the HDMI socket. You can also check for adapter compatibility as some adapters don’t support audio.

Check for Software Updates to your Nvidia Shield and make sure you have the latest ones.

Nvidia Shield Wifi Issues

Check if your router and modem devices have been powered on. You should be able to see the SSID for your home Wifi network on the Shield device.

Restart your shield device in order to regain network.

Check if you’re already using ethernet to connect to the internet, because in that case, Wifi would be disabled. Remove ethernet cable and retry.

To manually connect to Wifi, you can go to Network Settings > Wifi and manually enter the SSID over there with required security.

Get Help from Nvidia Shield Tech Support

If you’re facing issues that are hard to resolve by reading internet troubleshooting guides, you can call our Nvidia Shield Support Phone Number and get instant help.

We’re a bunch of Geeks who have used the product thoroughly in order to understand it accurately. We offer fast, simplified and appropriate resolutions to your Nvidia Shield issues.

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