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Troubleshooting Guide from Amazon Fire TV Stick Tech Support

Amazon Fire TV Stick Support

Troubleshooting Guide from Amazon Fire TV Stick Tech Support

This guide from Amazon Fire TV Stick Tech Support aims at resolving common Fire TV stick issues that you may face with.


Amazon Fire TV stick is a device that allows you to watch various popular Internet-based video streaming entertainment channels on your TV. It’s a USB stick styled device which connects to the HDMI port of your TV and displays a variety of TV series, Movies, and Apps available on the internet. You can control it via a remote controller and happily enjoy watching your favorite content. The device works with your home Wi-Fi.

Troubleshooting Issues

  • TV is not recognizing Fire TV Stick

Check if the device has a battery charged up in it. The low battery can cause issues.

The HDMI port can be loose; you should check to insert the device in another HDMI port.

If you’re using a USB adapter cable for the HDMI port, you can check for issues in the cable itself.

Check if the TV input/source mode is correctly set. Sometimes, the TV won’t pick up the device on one of the source modes.

Hardware Issue – There is a possibility of a hardware issue that might be causing the device to crash. You will need a replacement in this case.

  • Fire TV Remote Won’t Work

 Check if the remote has batteries. Try re-inserting the batteries or get a new pair for the remote.

The remote may have lost the pairing with the Fire TV stick. Try repairing it by holding the home button for 5 to 10 seconds.

Sometimes there could be Wi-Fi signal issues as the remote communicates with the Fire TV stick via Wi-Fi. Try increasing the signal strength by moving the router close to the TV.

Alternative – If you have a smart TV, the remote that came along it can also be used to control Fire TV stick.

  • The TV Shows Video but there’s No Sound

As a precaution, it’d be great to check if the TV is not on Mute. Or maybe the volume is too low to be audible. You can control the volume from Fire TV remote as well, but it won’t shoot up if the TV is on mute by default.

If you’re using a pair of external TV speakers, then there’s a possibility that they won’t work on the current source mode. Some additional speaker may be required for this. You can check with the speaker manual for more.

Amazon Fire Stick Tech Support

Press the Home Button on the Fire TV stick remote and go to Settings and choose Dolby Digital Output from the options. Make sure that Dolby Digital + isn’t set to on in the settings.

A faulty port could also be one of the reasons for no audio output. You can try other ports that support HDMI on your TV, to see if audio works on them.

  • Resolution Not up to the Mark

Check if the Wi-Fi speed is up to the mark. Amazon Fire TV stick demands an internet speed of at least 512 Kbps for the best HD resolution.

Wi-Fi signal strength could also be contributing to it. Try moving the router closer to the device.

Make sure that your TV screen supports full HD resolution of 1920 X 1080 pixels.

If the problems persist, you can contact Amazon Fire TV Stick Tech Support number and we’ll assist you to get the devices working all right in no time!

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