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Which Version of Turbotax Do I Need For Filing Taxes

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TurboTax is an online tax preparation software system.  In recent years the number of people using TurboTax has regularly increased with all types of filers taking resources of this online tool today.  Taxpayers can choose from various different versions ranging in cost from free to $74.95 for the Home & Business edition.  Radically, TurboTax software is to tax preparing what GPS is to directions.  It takes you within each step, guiding the taxpayer along the way to assure all deduction and credits are claimed as well as ensuring all the conventional documents are filed.

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Turbotax and others are still software programs that have imperfections just like any other robot.  When your financial idea becomes sufficiently complicated, spending the extra cash to hire a professional can actually save you money in the long run. Online tools and software make it workable for everyone, even those without a gift for estimates, to make their own tax return, saving time and money in the method.  Here we take a closer look at one of the more traditional tools available to taxpayers, to see why more and more people are ready to try and prepare their own taxes.

Which version is right for you?

Most Taxpayers can choose from five common and unique editions.  Depending on your distinct tax filing situation and how much support you need, one of the following editions may be the best choice for easily and conveniently filing your taxes from the luxury of your own home.

Free edition– As the name suggests, this is the only edition of TurboTax that is at no cost to the tax filer.  Best used by taxpayers who are making simple returns which claim little or no additional guidance.  If you have not used online tax arrangement software before and need additional help, you can opt to continue from the free edition with the following paid editions.

Basic edition– This is the next step up from the free edition. Again, aimed at individuals who have a simple return, but may need additional help in the preparation.  The cost is $19.95 and includes the ability to transfer the previous year’s tax info and import W-2’s and 1099s.

Deluxe edition– One of the most popular editions costing filers $29.95.  Filers using the Deluxe edition will have access to features in the free and basic editions plus many more.  Taxpayers using the deluxe edition can search for deductions and alert filers of audit risks.

Premier edition– Filers with a more complicated tax return can still take advantage of TurboTax software with the Premier edition.  At $49.95 you have additional features that allow you to handle investments and rental properties.

Home & Business edition– The most expensive edition, yet more affordable than what the average accountant will charge, the Home & Business edition will cost taxpayers $74.95.  This edition is the most advanced offering all the features available in the previous editions plus the ability to handle any business related tax issues.

In addition to providing all of these features making it possible for filers to prepare their taxes at home. Our TurboTax Support Number +1-888-988-1887 provide the best online technical support for any query related to Turbotax version.

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